All Of You

I’m so sick of the hate

I need to get this straight

it needs to be said

before it’s too late.


We need all of you.


We need the coffee drinkers

and the tea drinkers

and the “I only ever drink water” drinkers


We need the vegans and the paleos

and the people happily nom nom-ing in between.


We need the purple hair people

and the never-change-your-hair people

the long-haired men

and the short-haired women.


The breast feeders and the bottle feeders

the helicopters and the free rangers.


All the colors and shades

of a glorious palette of skins.


The business minds

and artists’ eyes

the musicians and poets

and scientists and textbook lovers,


The factory worker

and auto fixer upper

and the celebrity that just

plays one on TV.


We need you all, you crazy bunch,

right, left, up, down,

where ever you are and

what ever you are


we need you, all of you.


YOU matter.

Not just to me, but to our world.

Your life is ON PURPOSE,

and not to be wasted.


So why are we wasting it

hating on each other

for just being,

or for not being,


So sad that we can

embrace the diversity of nature,

the colors of a sunset,

the harmonies of an orchestra,

as we sit insisting

our sisters and brothers

be cookie cutter copies of ourselves.

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