Counting the Miles

Originally posted on as part of a writing challenge. Topic: Car Trip

“One, Two, Free”

I think I’ve got everything. Highchair, clothes, bathing suits, shoes, socks, underwear, wipes, Infant’s Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol, bottles, liners, cross-cut non-leaking bottle nipples, bibs….

“Four, Five, Six”

I’ll stop at the grocery store and get more formula. And juice. And I’ll buy mom some of her favorite cookies.

“Seben, Eight, Nine”

Thank you mom for once again taking the girls for me. It is so very nice to have a break. Even though I’ll spend the next six days cleaning house, doing laundry, and finishing up that work I promised my boss a week ago. Maybe Daddy and I can watch a movie or go out for supper. Yeah, that sounds good.


AAAH! If she wakes up that baby I’ll cry. I might need to pick up some extra diapers too. 

“Eleben, Twelve, Thirteen…. “ Pause “ Mommy, can you play Bob and Larry?” 

I forgot their sunscreen. I’ll have to get more of that as well. Should we get chicken nuggets in South Hill or Emporia? Let’s see if she falls asleep. Thou shall not wake children for chicken nuggets, in South Hill or Emporia! HA! That’s it Mom, keep up the humor, you’ll need it.

“Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen”

Hey, when did she learn how to count that high?

“Elebenteen, Nineteen, Eightyteen”

What on earth is she counting for? 

“Hey DoodleBug?” I ask as I peek in the rear view mirror.
“Yes Mommy?”
“What are you counting for?”
“I counting for till we get to Nanny and GranAnny and Uncle NickaNick’s house.” 

Dear God, how high can a three-year-old count on a three hour car ride to grandma’s house? 

“Oh Mommy! Now I have to start all over!”


“Help me mommy… One, two, three…”

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