Hurt and Kisses

Originally posted on for the Critique Circle

I hurt his feelings today.
I did not intend to.
Men are so strong and tough
How was it that I could hurt him so badly
I sat on the sofa
Lost in my confusion and despair
I feel my little girl touch my shoulder
“Mommy, why are you sad?”
Through blurry eyes I could see her face
Small and concerned
Brow pinched in a manner much too old for her
“I hurt someone’s feelings today” I replied
choking on the words as I confess to her.
She bows her head for a moment
I close my eyes and pray
Pray that she will leave it alone
and go back to play.
“Kiss them” she said.
I looked up and saw her standing there
with a glow of divine revelation shining about her.
Her apparent satisfaction with her answer,
one she felt confident was the perfect solution,
transformed my confusion into curiosity.
And I softly replied, “Kiss what?”
“Kiss them Mommy,
When ever I get hurt
you kiss it and make it better.” 
Her eyes were bright and loving as
she explained…
“Kiss their feelings Mommy,
make them feel better”
The watery glaze that covered my eyes
gave way into droplets that now trickled down my cheek.
I scooped her up into my arms
and kissed the end of her nose.
She giggled gently as I placed her on the sofa and 
I rose to find him.

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